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Milk Drooling

Shelley Express, Pumps & Drains Her Tits

Milfy Shelley is at it again. Showing you what she is capable of doing for your entertainment. So starts the video out with her tits cupped in her hands, squeezing and shooting milk all over the place. Then she connect her nipples to an electric pump and begins to pump her tits for the liquid gold, as he breast begin to produce, she gives you different angles and some close-ups of the nipples in the pump. Half way through, she removes the pumps and begins to hand express again. After she finishes, she reconnects the pumps and pumps those 4 oz bottles past full. She remove the pump, takes off the tops and pours the milk all over her lovely breast, the milk flows like a water damn. She closes the video out with her patent rapid long stream hand expressing.


Lola Pumps & Drools Milk Down Her 38 DDs

What a wonderful full of milk pair of tits Luscious Lola possesses, just looking at them and you are ready to feed from them. She teases you giving you a little cleavage action before unveiling one of them and hand pumping it, she removes the pump and you can hear the pop from the lock the suction cup has on her tit. She hand expresses and then milks the other tit. After pumping half a bottle she drinks some and allows a little to drool down her beautiful breast.

Luscious Lola Expresses Her 38 Twin Ds

I reached out to Luscious Lola because she has some amazing breast. I wasn’t sure she would respond but she did and was totally game. She was very professional too, emailed me every day to inform me of her status. Then one day as I am heading home my email tone went off, she was letting me know she sent me the video and all I can say is OMG it was well worth the wait. Her milk flowed out like a sprayer she had an amazing constant flow! You have got to see this one.

Tabitha Self Sucking and Drooling Milk

What happens when a mom who has big tits taste her own breast milk and finds that she enjoys the taste. A video of her doing nothing but grabbing her huge mounds and drinking and drooling milk all over the place. she starts out, get her nips to let down, then she preps them by squirting milk everywhere, then all of sudden with no warning you see her chin in her chest, with her lips around her own nipples sucking, sucking sucking, swallowing and when she comes up for air, drooling milk all down her huge breast. If you are into breast milk filled big tit moms who self suck, you are going to love this one as much as I did.

Milfy Tabitha Auto Expressing Milk Jugs

Milfy Tabitha tits are so full of milk they are ready to pop. They so full they are aching, skin stretching with every drop of milk being produced, so much so that when she removes her bra her nipples start dripping milk down her breast. With every touch her breast ache, but she powers through getting the letdown, grabs a bowl and begins squirting milk into it allowing you to see the milk leave her breast into a container. After getting some relief she grabs a belt, wraps it around her jug, pulls the belt tight and squirts milk everywhere, and surprises herself with how much milk comes out. She squirts milk everywhere, just one long stream after another.


Milfy Tabitha Expressing Her 40F Jugs

Milfy Tabitha is back and so are those milky tits of hers. She unleashes both of those tits in this video shooting milk from her tits like a fireman hosing down a fire. She gushes milk from both tits. She wraps her lips around her nipple and draws in a mouth from of milk teasing you with it before swallow. Yes, she swallows! The she goes back to hosing everything down

Milfy Tabitha — How Wet Can I Get It

She starts out with those huge mounds of hers hidden away, as she is massaging them she slowly frees them from their entrapment.  As she continues to stimulate her nipples waiting on the let-down she talks to about how she wants her to spray everywhere.  Her left milk jug starts to dribble milk, she squeezes a little action but not much, again she squeeze as the milk comes shooting out.  She switches focus to the right milk jug, focus on getting it stimulated, not feeling it’s right is ready she continue to hold her left breast in her hand squeezing and shooting out milk while still working on the let-down on the right breast.  You hear her say “here we go” and as you look her right nipple is dripping milk like a leaky faucet, she grabs a glass and begins to try and fill it up, getting milk in the glass and everywhere else.  Capturing some of her milk in the glass, she takes it to her mouth and swallows some and dribbles some out of her mouth, down her chin, to her breast.  Then she turns her focus to shooting milk everywhere.

Ashley Pumps Her Jugs Empty

Milfy Ashley sitting at work feeling engorged, she massages her breast but she still aches, she removes her shirt, to show her nylon covered tits, she hands expresses straight through her lingerie and still she feels engorged.  She sets her enormous breast free, massages them and then hand expresses again, but still no relief, so she grabs her pump and begins to pump them, she pumps until they are completely empty, then pours 1 bottle over her jugs, massages the milk in and then pours the other bottle in her mouth and swallows every last drop.



Milfy Ashley Drains Her Tits

Milfy Ashley has been sitting at her desk and with every minute that passes the aching of her breast makes her horny, knowing that when the time is right she will relieve the pressure.  She wants to wait, to let her breast really fill up.  They feel heavy, the pressure is causing her some discomfort this is her sign. She stands up, grabs her purse and makes her way to the office bathroom.  She hides in the stall and begins to manually hand express her breast; her milk streams are thick, strong and long, as she soaks the floor.  The milk just comes out flowing, hosing everything down



Ashley Empties Her Huge Tits

Milfy Ashley is back again, and yes she is pulling those huge E-Cup tits out and putting them on display. She pulls those beautiful tits out, massages them, stimulate her large nipples and then it is on. She starts to bring the milk down and squirts it out of huge nipples. She squeezes here nipples, and the milk comes streaming out. Then she does what I love to see her do, take those nipples up to her mouth and swallows her own milk, while still expressing the other milk jug, however this time she refuses to let it drool down her mouth, well the first few times she did.


Ashley Squirts Milk Everywhere

Milfy Ashley is back with her E-cup filled with milk jugs.  She decides to focus on just hand expressing.  She explained to me how she gets aroused when she hand expresses her huge tits.  She pops one out, rubs it down and then goes in for the other one, massages her large erect nipples, applies pressure and the milk starts shooting out like water through a hose.  She expresses one tit, then the next tit taking turns squirting milk everywhere, every once in awhile she shoots milk from both at the same time.  She continues on hand expressing and spraying milk everywhere in hopes of achieving an orgasm