Milfy Tabitha — How Wet Can I Get It

She starts out with those huge mounds of hers hidden away, as she is massaging them she slowly frees them from their entrapment.  As she continues to stimulate her nipples waiting on the let-down she talks to about how she wants her to spray everywhere.  Her left milk jug starts to dribble milk, she squeezes a little action but not much, again she squeeze as the milk comes shooting out.  She switches focus to the right milk jug, focus on getting it stimulated, not feeling it’s right is ready she continue to hold her left breast in her hand squeezing and shooting out milk while still working on the let-down on the right breast.  You hear her say “here we go” and as you look her right nipple is dripping milk like a leaky faucet, she grabs a glass and begins to try and fill it up, getting milk in the glass and everywhere else.  Capturing some of her milk in the glass, she takes it to her mouth and swallows some and dribbles some out of her mouth, down her chin, to her breast.  Then she turns her focus to shooting milk everywhere.