Milfy Latina Squirts Milk Into A Glass & Tastes Her Own Milk For The First Time

Milfy Latina sits, her breast swollen with milk, pushing at her bra looking to be released, as she teases you, pulling at her strap, sliding her hands between her bare breast and bra until finally the bra comes off and her milk filled breast are exposed. She wastes no time getting to it, she grabs her breast ad applies pressure all the way down to her nipples and a squirt of milk comes flying out, she does it again and again shooting milk everywhere, She grabs a clear glass, aims and fires, bulls eye the milk his the wall of the glass and falls to the bottom of the glass, she continues on witching from one breast to the other breast, until she is happy with the amount she has, she takes the glass to her mouth, pours it in, swallows tasting her own milk for the first time and dribbles milk down her chin and upon her beautiful breast.