Milfy Tabitha Hand Expresses, Hoses Down Everything, Fills Glass, Drools Milk All Over Her Jugs

Milfy Tabitha is in the shower, she releases those milk fill jugs, works on the letdown, her nipples enlarge as she continues to working the areola and nipples. She applies pressure and and the milk comes streaming out, spraying down the entire area. Milk is literally going everywhere, she grabs a glass sprays all over the place and in the glass, as she gets enough in the glass she brings it up to her drinking her own milk and drooling milk all down her chin, titties, all over her. She goes back to hand expressing, she squeezes and with each squeeze sprays everywhere, wetting the entire area down. If there was a fire she could use this twin jugs to put them out cause she shooting more milk thank most hose shoot water. Hot scene! Enjoy!!!