Milfy Shelley Pumps 1 Tit Empyt Then Auto Expresses The Other Tit – Pumping Only

Milfy Shelley attaches an electric breast pump to her right tit, and begins pumping, with each suction, her nipple stretches out and a drop of milk falls into the jar, she switches up her angles, to give you a better view, once in a awhile she unhooks to hand express to see just how much she has, before pumping some more. In a matter of minutes the first 4 ounce jar is full way pay 4 ounces to more like 5 1/2 ounces, she unhook, grabs the other and continues on pumping, doing everything she can to drain her tits, even hand expressing it from time to time, over ounces down and even though she still isn’t quite empty she able to show the difference between her full tit and her almost empty tit.