Milfy Shelley Hand Expresses, Auto Express and Pumps Her Tits

Milfy Shelley only into her second video wanted to try something a bit different, without talking to me first, she puts together a video of a mixture of things to “spice it up” she says. With her hands clutched around her breast she waste no time, she squeezes and milk shoots from her nipples. She worked her breast again and again squirt stream of milk after stream of milk, she grabs a rope, wraps them around one of her breast, pulls and squirts milk from her tit like crazy, she switches to the other tit, applies pressure to the rope and I swear it seem like she would never stop the stream of milk that flowed from her nipple, she then grabs a glass and begins to hand express squirting milk directly into her glass, with ever squeeze the milk rises in her glass, at one point it looked like she was losing more than she was getting in the glass, but the glass of milk continues to rise, she then attaches a manual pump to her man made jug of milk, quickly pumps the handle and the milk starts to flow from her titty straight into the glass, she switches side, pumps some from the other breast, adding even more milk, then moves back to hand expressing into her glass, once she has produced the amount she was seeking, she takes a big ol’ gulp of milk and then her titties with the last of the milk, she closes out with her rapid fire hand expressing. Just a mixture of everything. Tell me what part you like best and I will make sure she does a video or 2 that focuses on just that.