Milfy Shelley Hand Expresses, Pumps and Drenches Her Tits In Milk

Milfy Shelley is at it again. Showing you what she is capable of doing for your entertainment. So starts the video out with her tits cupped in her hands, squeezing and shooting milk all over the place. Then she connect her nipples to an electric pump and begins to pump her tits for the liquid gold, as he breast begin to produce, she gives you different angles and some close-ups of the nipples in the pump. Half way through, she removes the pumps and begins to hand express again. After she finishes, she reconnects the pumps and pumps those 4oz bottles past full. She remove the pump, takes off the tops and pours the milk all over her lovely breast, the milk flows like a water damn. She closes the video out with her patent rapid long stream hand expressing.